MX of Nations Events Information

The MX of Nations will take place at the Red Bud motocross track in Buchanan, Michigan. Spectators can choose to buy camping tickets and can arrive at the event two days earlier, in the evening to settle and camp and can leave the morning after MX of Nations has been completed. There are also general admission passes if you want to save on camping and extraneous parking fees. There is an option to get pit/paddock passes and the pits will open in the afternoon on Friday!  The event starts on October 6th and ends after the 7th. The first day of MX of Nations, Saturday, will involve practice sessions from all classes that will precede the qualifying rounds. The most skilled, 19 motocross teams will be decided to race for the finals on Sunday, with the exception of the last, 20th team being decided by an LCQ final, rather the night before or the morning of MXON. The last day of MXON will start with the last rounds of rigorous practice sessions before the top 20 motocross teams will participate in the main events. The main moto events will combine two classes of racers together over three events. The results will be tallied and the team with the highest score will determine the motocross champions of the year. The events are split in to combination races like this: 

  1.  MXGP and MX 2 class
  2.  MX2 and Open class
  3. MXGP and Open class

The MXGP or Motocross Grand Prix class races include bikes with 450 cc strokes! The MX Grand Prix is comprised of 2 thirty minute races with 2 lap motos. The MX 2 racing class has races with motocross bikes up to 250 cc. The final class of races are the "open" class, which allows racers to race any sort of bike from 250 cc to 450 cc! This class allows motocross racers to go with the machine they find most comfortable for them to race!