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Motoland is an open riding track located in Northwest Indiana. We did the racing thing now we do the riding thing and we do it pretty darn good. At Motoland we boast a ride til you puke mentality. You actually get more riding in a day at Motoland than you can anywhere else.  We are a bikes only track. 65CC and up on the big track. We also have a pee-wee track. 50cc only.

A typical day at Motoland goes like this:

You will ride track 1 for 20 minutes, then rest for 20 minutes  then you will ride track 2 for 20 minutes rest for 20 minutes etc.....Pee Wee track is open the entire day. Riders must be accompannied by an adult. 

Since our training sessions are based on a five hour day you will ride 2 hours and 40 minutes on a pro level track. Each track is larger than most all outdoor pro tracks on its own. The track (s) at Motoland will not only test you physically they will also test you mentally. Just ask.

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Riders Under 18 Information

Days of Operation

2020 Schedule:

Due to the Corona Virus and the restrictions on public gatherings we may have to postpone our opening date beyond April 4-5, but April 4th is our scheduled open date and we will continue to keep you informed!

  • April 4-5
  • April 18-19
  • May 2-3
  • May 30-31
  • June 6-7
  • Sept 5-6
  • Oct 10-11
Riding Hours

We are currently CLOSED for the season! We will reopen in April of 2020!

Rider Fees

Adult Fees:

  • One day pass $35
  • Weekend pass $60

Mini Rider Fees:

  • One day pass $25
  • Weekend pass $40
  • Pee Wee $10 per day
Spectator Pricing

There is a $10 Spectator Fee, Children under 8 are free (unless they are riders)

Camp at Motoland
Bring your Bikes and stay for a Motocation! Camp all night and ride all day at our world famous course. We allow tent camping, trailers, tow-behinds, Campers, and Rv's. There are plenty of local ammenities and things for the whole family to do in the area.
We do not charge for camping during our regular season.
Camping Prices